Rock Bottom by Robert Wyatt

Basically, Robert Wyatt is a hard partying prog rock guy from the old days who wrote this album after falling out of the window on the third floor of a party. Friends like Fred Frith and Hugh Hopper helped him on this album, as well as many other fine talents.


Mythonaut EP by Domovoyd

Some heavy Finish stoner metal. Reminds of Elder and Zoroaster but their own sound. Heavy and thundering like a viking god over mountains. Some psychedelic sections too. No shortage of sick fuzz tones.

Magik Markers Practice Space​.​.​. R​.​I​.​P. by Magik Markers

Very energetic drone-rage-crazy-chick rock. If you aren’t acquainted with Magik Markers now is the time. They hail from Connecticut, generally play with a two guitar and drums lineup but switch it up, and record anywhere from J Mascis’ house to their dads basement. They have dense atmospheres and raging torrents in their sound. The overall effect is emotional and powerful. Heavily improvised, this album takes you on a journey.

Mudlarking by Tooth

Ambient interplay sets the mood and funky dance beats make you groove. Smooth guitar brings you back to bluesy feelings but its much its own thing. Some songs are almost theme worthy. Definitely movie worthy. The mood varies from playful to spooky and often skirts both.

Only Children by Mmoss

This is a roaring indie-space-rock album with subtle folk harmonies and some dense jamming. Favorite track, WAR SUX! Ten minutes of psychedelic space jamming. Most of this album sounds quite like it could be from the 60s. The jam has some small tendencies towards more modern noise soloing but overall the vibe is super chill and laid back, totally relaxed hiking music.

Sketches Of Brunswick East by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard + Mile High Club

This is an interesting album. Always weird, but always classic, typical King Gizzard record if such a thing exists. A lot of nice keyboard work on this album. 70s psych percussion. Spacerock drumming that you can lose your mind to. A journey start to end. It’s like a 70’s car commercial.