Rock Bottom by Robert Wyatt

Basically, Robert Wyatt is a hard partying prog rock guy from the old days who wrote this album after falling out of the window on the third floor of a party. Friends like Fred Frith and Hugh Hopper helped him on this album, as well as many other fine talents.


Only Children by Mmoss

This is a roaring indie-space-rock album with subtle folk harmonies and some dense jamming. Favorite track, WAR SUX! Ten minutes of psychedelic space jamming. Most of this album sounds quite like it could be from the 60s. The jam has some small tendencies towards more modern noise soloing but overall the vibe is super chill and laid back, totally relaxed hiking music.

ConStates iii – VA

This is a cool drone compilation, with a lot of folk themes. It ends with a Natural Snow Buildings Song, Yggdrasil. It has Asva on it. Doing a drone. These are all emotional works that draw on organic elements to produce the dense sense of feeling within each track. The artists on it are all very talented and feeling musicians, very capable of conveying their thought processes through sound.