Magik Markers Practice Space​.​.​. R​.​I​.​P. by Magik Markers

Very energetic drone-rage-crazy-chick rock. If you aren’t acquainted with Magik Markers now is the time. They hail from Connecticut, generally play with a two guitar and drums lineup but switch it up, and record anywhere from J Mascis’ house to their dads basement. They have dense atmospheres and raging torrents in their sound. The overall effect is emotional and powerful. Heavily improvised, this album takes you on a journey.


Metamorphosis by Eliane Gazzard

This release is a little whack. It’s a bit of a headphones experience. And it is confusing and disorienting. I listened to this while mowing at work, and it suited the job… I enjoyed it. Its kind of warping and hypnotic. The name suits the sounds. Its more mental state then standard definition music.

irr. app. (ext.) + Nurse With Wound ‎– 4 Orphans

This is a fine example of Nurse With Wound sensibility. Droning soundscapes set the mood of the album. Percussive elements perform a sort of counterplay in the environment. The emotional elements at play are subtle and subdued but there. Good reading material.