Illusion by Isotope

Jazz-prog-fusion craziness. Fronted by Gary Boyle, featuring Hugh Hopper, Nigel Morris on drums, Laurance Scott on keys. Very jazzy and very rocking. At times borders on progmetal. Super satisfying listen.


Rock Bottom by Robert Wyatt

Basically, Robert Wyatt is a hard partying prog rock guy from the old days who wrote this album after falling out of the window on the third floor of a party. Friends like Fred Frith and Hugh Hopper helped him on this album, as well as many other fine talents.

Freedom Is Frightening by Stomu Yamash’ta’s East Wind ‎

A great Jazz Fusion album led by Stomy Yamashta, Japanese drummer and keyboardist who later led Go. Also features Hugh Hopper on bass, who played with Allan Holdsworth in Soft Machine. His bass lines are fantastic. They integrate various music traditions very subtely if you listen closely. Its a wonder to follow him! And of course the drums move things perfectly and keep everything fresh and interesting.

The Sixteen Men Of Tain by Allan Holdsworth

Amazing album by the late and great Allan HOLDSworth. Amazing guitar player. Basically discovered all the tenants of theory by himself. Simply amazing player, changed the course of the guitar, paving the way for Zappafreaks and Mahavishnu and metal and all that jazz.

Trout Steel by Mike Cooper

This is considered the beginning of Mike Coopers descent into experimental music. On first listen it might seem like a normal record to the untrained ear. Rest assured, this is a one-of-a-kind merge of elements into a unique brand of folksy blues rock, or bluesy folk rock. The music is all improvised. The lyrics are amazing. Such good songs. The title track is almost too good. It won’t leave your head for days.

Horrorscension by Behold The Arctopus

Like all this bands work, this albums sound can be described as exasperated anxiety.Constantly churning blastbeats. Nonstop tempo changes. Un-nerving arpeggios. Harmony in disharmony. Great guitar work and really fucking fast drums from Weasel Walter, known for his work in free-jazz and noise rock. If you like Buckethead and Autopsy you need to check these guys out.

El Topo – Pigiama Psicoattivo

“The group was founded in 2006, performing a mixture of rockjazz and electronica, with krautrock, minimalist and psychedelic elements. […] After some live gigs as a duo, they felt the need to set a larger band up. After a series of one-off collaborations, they found like-minded conspirators in Francesco Mendolia, drummer with the ability to perform in a wide range of styles from jazz/funk to electronic music (Chester Harlan, Alessandro Gwiss, Mino Freda) and Andrea Biondi, vibist and percussionist active in jazz and contemporary music (Gianluigi Trovesi, Ennio Morricone & Roma Sinfonietta, Ars Ludi).”

Basically, a cool ass electro-jazz fusion album with some cool ass collaborators like “Amy Denio, Mike Cooper, Riccardo Lay and Anadi Mishra.”