nimis & arx by Helena Espvall

Helena Espvall leads Espers as cellist and vocalist. Shes also pretty weird. This album is a cello and bells drone exploration for the most part. Pretty abstract and ethereal. Mesmerizing for sure.


Bill Laswell’s Transmutations – Frankfurt, Germany, 1997-01-09

This is a wild set! Free flow from start to finish. Great transitions between segments. The spacy sections are deeply relaxing and the full-on jamouts are… pretty rock n roll for free jazz. The turntables are glitchy and weird all around.

Trout Steel by Mike Cooper

This is considered the beginning of Mike Coopers descent into experimental music. On first listen it might seem like a normal record to the untrained ear. Rest assured, this is a one-of-a-kind merge of elements into a unique brand of folksy blues rock, or bluesy folk rock. The music is all improvised. The lyrics are amazing. Such good songs. The title track is almost too good. It won’t leave your head for days.