The Sixteen Men Of Tain by Allan Holdsworth

Amazing album by the late and great Allan HOLDSworth. Amazing guitar player. Basically discovered all the tenants of theory by himself. Simply amazing player, changed the course of the guitar, paving the way for Zappafreaks and Mahavishnu and metal and all that jazz.


Annwn by Ocrilim

This albums pretty crazy. This is a pretty crazy project. It’s a solo “classical”, or shred, metal sideproject of Mick Barr of Orthrelm, and many other experimental metal projects. It’s all guitar. I feel like the bass is an octave pedaled guitar. The bass is lofo. The guitar is epic. This comes out like a fucked up, sinister, evil, church-burning Bach if you went back in time and gave him a Bogner amp, flying Vs and Yngwie Malmsteen CDs.

Also check out Annwn 2 and other albums by Ocrilim on Bandcamp.