nimis & arx by Helena Espvall

Helena Espvall leads Espers as cellist and vocalist. Shes also pretty weird. This album is a cello and bells drone exploration for the most part. Pretty abstract and ethereal. Mesmerizing for sure.


Magik Markers Practice Space​.​.​. R​.​I​.​P. by Magik Markers

Very energetic drone-rage-crazy-chick rock. If you aren’t acquainted with Magik Markers now is the time. They hail from Connecticut, generally play with a two guitar and drums lineup but switch it up, and record anywhere from J Mascis’ house to their dads basement. They have dense atmospheres and raging torrents in their sound. The overall effect is emotional and powerful. Heavily improvised, this album takes you on a journey.

Annwn by Ocrilim

This albums pretty crazy. This is a pretty crazy project. It’s a solo “classical”, or shred, metal sideproject of Mick Barr of Orthrelm, and many other experimental metal projects. It’s all guitar. I feel like the bass is an octave pedaled guitar. The bass is lofo. The guitar is epic. This comes out like a fucked up, sinister, evil, church-burning Bach if you went back in time and gave him a Bogner amp, flying Vs and Yngwie Malmsteen CDs.

Also check out Annwn 2 and other albums by Ocrilim on Bandcamp.

ConStates iii – VA

This is a cool drone compilation, with a lot of folk themes. It ends with a Natural Snow Buildings Song, Yggdrasil. It has Asva on it. Doing a drone. These are all emotional works that draw on organic elements to produce the dense sense of feeling within each track. The artists on it are all very talented and feeling musicians, very capable of conveying their thought processes through sound.

Battle Gods by Natural Snow Buildings

One of my favorite groups of all time, this is a new record for myself. They are a french duo that makes very… thrilling psychedelic folk-drone music. This is an instrumental album but they usually aren’t. Track one is characterized by a rushing guitar and tribal percussions. Its a chilling vibe, enchanting, compelling and primitive. Comes off kind of like an Earth song more then their usual vibe, from the haunting electric guitar riff. The second track is more etheral and floating, like down a river.

Noise In The Wood by Various Artists

A cool compilation album of some dope psychedelic bands. These are all live recordings, thrown together from a few sources. The quality is good. There is one track, the Suzuki Junzo one pretty sure, that has a brief volume gain that is fixed pretty quick. Otherwise all flawless. Mostly space rock, some drone, good atmospheres, clean recordings. Some folky stuff and jammier stuff as well.