Leaving Your Body Map by maudlin of the Well

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite albums of all time. This band is amazing and their songs have infinite listening capacity. They are all individually amazing, and pieces together they are a masterpiece. Amazing concept album of death and transformation, love and the afterlife. Very gothic material, in a true sense of the word. Feels ancient yet modern. When they use a piano in a song like Riseth He, The Numberless 2, its heavy. The album opens up in chaos with Stones of October Sobbing, the rhythm of the track is enough to make you wonder, but it all fits together like magic, even the beeping sound at one of the last breakdowns feels a necessary part of the overall feel. This album rips your heart out and smashes it on the ground, while giving you the capacity to piece the parts back together.


Death Ordinance by Heresiarch

WAR METAL. This is some hard hitting shit, the drums are like a warzone, outright. Constant stabs and bashes. The crash use is amazing for how constant it is at times. Amazing blast beats verging on grindcore while maintaining their distance. This is probably one of the heaviest releases of 2017.

The Cosmic Cornucopia by Slugdge

This isn’t one album it is three. Basically all three “full length” albums by epic prog-metal Slugdge. Really heavy riffs and blast beats. Some fairly psychedelic sections. Crazy solos and breakdowns. The vocals are a little Opethy at times, but some are pretty good and heavy. A little on the metalcore side, vocally, but musically total fucking trve kvlt progmetal. It gets messy at times but the performances are always top. Check out track 4, Suffering Quahog, or just about any track for a stellar peak at this bands abilities.

Horrorscension by Behold The Arctopus

Like all this bands work, this albums sound can be described as exasperated anxiety.Constantly churning blastbeats. Nonstop tempo changes. Un-nerving arpeggios. Harmony in disharmony. Great guitar work and really fucking fast drums from Weasel Walter, known for his work in free-jazz and noise rock. If you like Buckethead and Autopsy you need to check these guys out.