This Is The Dream by DC 3

This band started when Dez Cadena split from Black Flag, wanting to make more music closer to 70’s rock bands like Hawkwind, Sabbath, Blue Cheer, etc… Classic heavy psych giants. Its big sound for being keyboard and guitar driven… no bass player. Few bands can get this punk with that kind of setup… and also maintains a heavy classic rock/psych vibe! VERY heavy. Sounds like it was recorded in 1974!


Trout Steel by Mike Cooper

This is considered the beginning of Mike Coopers descent into experimental music. On first listen it might seem like a normal record to the untrained ear. Rest assured, this is a one-of-a-kind merge of elements into a unique brand of folksy blues rock, or bluesy folk rock. The music is all improvised. The lyrics are amazing. Such good songs. The title track is almost too good. It won’t leave your head for days.