Synchromysticism by Yowie

This is some math rock craziness. Its as if Adrian Belew duplicated himself and started a band. Its fucking ridiculous. But awesome. The rhythms are awesome. The tones are confusing. Its epic as it is confusing. Fucking great album.


This Is The Dream by DC 3

This band started when Dez Cadena split from Black Flag, wanting to make more music closer to 70’s rock bands like Hawkwind, Sabbath, Blue Cheer, etc… Classic heavy psych giants. Its big sound for being keyboard and guitar driven… no bass player. Few bands can get this punk with that kind of setup… and also maintains a heavy classic rock/psych vibe! VERY heavy. Sounds like it was recorded in 1974!

Bill Laswell’s Transmutations – Frankfurt, Germany, 1997-01-09

This is a wild set! Free flow from start to finish. Great transitions between segments. The spacy sections are deeply relaxing and the full-on jamouts are… pretty rock n roll for free jazz. The turntables are glitchy and weird all around.

Magik Markers Practice Space​.​.​. R​.​I​.​P. by Magik Markers

Very energetic drone-rage-crazy-chick rock. If you aren’t acquainted with Magik Markers now is the time. They hail from Connecticut, generally play with a two guitar and drums lineup but switch it up, and record anywhere from J Mascis’ house to their dads basement. They have dense atmospheres and raging torrents in their sound. The overall effect is emotional and powerful. Heavily improvised, this album takes you on a journey.

Mudlarking by Tooth

Ambient interplay sets the mood and funky dance beats make you groove. Smooth guitar brings you back to bluesy feelings but its much its own thing. Some songs are almost theme worthy. Definitely movie worthy. The mood varies from playful to spooky and often skirts both.