nimis & arx by Helena Espvall

Helena Espvall leads Espers as cellist and vocalist. Shes also pretty weird. This album is a cello and bells drone exploration for the most part. Pretty abstract and ethereal. Mesmerizing for sure.


Illusion by Isotope

Jazz-prog-fusion craziness. Fronted by Gary Boyle, featuring Hugh Hopper, Nigel Morris on drums, Laurance Scott on keys. Very jazzy and very rocking. At times borders on progmetal. Super satisfying listen.

Rock Bottom by Robert Wyatt

Basically, Robert Wyatt is a hard partying prog rock guy from the old days who wrote this album after falling out of the window on the third floor of a party. Friends like Fred Frith and Hugh Hopper helped him on this album, as well as many other fine talents.

Freedom Is Frightening by Stomu Yamash’ta’s East Wind ‎

A great Jazz Fusion album led by Stomy Yamashta, Japanese drummer and keyboardist who later led Go. Also features Hugh Hopper on bass, who played with Allan Holdsworth in Soft Machine. His bass lines are fantastic. They integrate various music traditions very subtely if you listen closely. Its a wonder to follow him! And of course the drums move things perfectly and keep everything fresh and interesting.

The Sixteen Men Of Tain by Allan Holdsworth

Amazing album by the late and great Allan HOLDSworth. Amazing guitar player. Basically discovered all the tenants of theory by himself. Simply amazing player, changed the course of the guitar, paving the way for Zappafreaks and Mahavishnu and metal and all that jazz.