Horrorscension by Behold The Arctopus

Like all this bands work, this albums sound can be described as exasperated anxiety.Constantly churning blastbeats. Nonstop tempo changes. Un-nerving arpeggios. Harmony in disharmony. Great guitar work and really fucking fast drums from Weasel Walter, known for his work in free-jazz and noise rock. If you like Buckethead and Autopsy you need to check these guys out.


Kurushimi – Shōtotsu

5 tracks on Bandcamp5 tracks on Bandcamp, also one additional full length album to check.

This is a pretty crazy “unfree” jazz album, prog-rock and Jazz with a Samurai theme from Australia. There’s two micro-tracks, like something John Zorn would compose, two longer tracks and something more punk length. The longer tracks have a pretty psychedelic prog-metal feel, with some wild dual drumming and saxaphones that act like lead guitars. Overall a sick album check it out if you’re into Ornette Coleman, Morbid Angel, Bill Laswell, John Zorn or Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, per their bandcamp suggestions, but overall, its oldschool metal influenced progjazzcore. Check it.

Instrumental (adj.) – A Series Of Disagreements

This is a cool one off three piece prog project out of Australia. They’re basically unknowns but damn, this album has some killer playing! Time signatures out of this planet, mind-warping riffs, hints of funky groove and thrash riffs that make you want to jump! The heaviness of the album doesn’t get in the way of how whacky this is. Instrumental prog metal that doesn’t take itself seriously. The first two tracks are solid gold. The last one is intense does have a weird chugchug Djent-ish thing that does evolve into a weird funky shred jam. Overall a good 15 or so minutes but fuck djent

Kayo Dot – Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue

Five track epic from Kayo Dot, led by Toby Driver, also of bands Maudlin of the Well and Secret Chiefs 3. Smooth progression throughout the album, great listening front to back. Epic gamelan orchestration and grinding theremin usage. The percussion on this album is insanely powerful feeling, as are guitars in parts and feedback/theremin utilization. Mysterious chord structuring dominates the album, producing a dark and contemplative atmosphere. A great look into the possibilities of Kayo Dot.