925 ‘TIL I DIE by GANG

Heavy garage psych with a hint of doom. Or heavy doom psych with a hunt of garage. Psychedelic classic hitting tracks reminiscent of bands like Ice Dragon.


Penance – The Road Less Travelled

This is a heavy 90s sludge album, released relatively early in ’92 with damaged punk vibes. It riffs heavy and the drumming is emotional and thrilling. Some pretty sik psychedelic-metal solos in most of the songs. Particularly of note to me are the middle three tracks, Misgivings, Soulrot, and Not What It seems. The three tracks are a depressed, broken attack on your conscience. Misvings is probably the most straight-forward track. Soulrot starts slow but builds with emotional intensity, resolving into the revenge track Not What It Seems. And, sparkle, an instrumental sludge track preludes the series with If They Would Cut Out My Throat. Its fucking heavy.

Give the track a listen if you’re into punk music, sludge metal, doom metal, general heavy shit or just seriously pissed.