Noise In The Wood by Various Artists

A cool compilation album of some dope psychedelic bands. These are all live recordings, thrown together from a few sources. The quality is good. There is one track, the Suzuki Junzo one pretty sure, that has a brief volume gain that is fixed pretty quick. Otherwise all flawless. Mostly space rock, some drone, good atmospheres, clean recordings. Some folky stuff and jammier stuff as well.


Bespoken – plays Nick Storring & Daniel Brandes

Cool little (hah) classical composition style album that could be considered drone done with classical instruments. Big focus on violin, cello, harp and piano. Very cool. Ambient washes of string tones pursued by ticks and dings from the piano and harp. Two songs, one divided into four sections, take you on a journey through your own mind. Very meditative and contemplative material.