Metamorphosis by Eliane Gazzard

This release is a little whack. It’s a bit of a headphones experience. And it is confusing and disorienting. I listened to this while mowing at work, and it suited the job… I enjoyed it. Its kind of warping and hypnotic. The name suits the sounds. Its more mental state then standard definition music.


925 ‘TIL I DIE by GANG

Heavy garage psych with a hint of doom. Or heavy doom psych with a hunt of garage. Psychedelic classic hitting tracks reminiscent of bands like Ice Dragon.

Noise In The Wood by Various Artists

A cool compilation album of some dope psychedelic bands. These are all live recordings, thrown together from a few sources. The quality is good. There is one track, the Suzuki Junzo one pretty sure, that has a brief volume gain that is fixed pretty quick. Otherwise all flawless. Mostly space rock, some drone, good atmospheres, clean recordings. Some folky stuff and jammier stuff as well.

Bespoken – plays Nick Storring & Daniel Brandes

Cool little (hah) classical composition style album that could be considered drone done with classical instruments. Big focus on violin, cello, harp and piano. Very cool. Ambient washes of string tones pursued by ticks and dings from the piano and harp. Two songs, one divided into four sections, take you on a journey through your own mind. Very meditative and contemplative material.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Murder Of The Universe

This albums sick! Its a progressive rock concept album about… Space and time and shit? Whatever. Full of sick progressive riffs and classic beats, female narratives and epic space-dude… well yeah basically narratives also. The keys are stellar! Could be a remastered 70’s Italian prog album or something.

Electric Temple Presents: Gaman – A Ceremony for Japan

This is a hard to sum up album, it has a lot of different artists with different styles ranging from drone to country to… kinda dancy? and psych rockish? It really varies a lot, a lot of cool artists to check out. The album has a lot of atmospheric qualities, whether the song is a “drone” or a ethereal twist on country.

Ralph White + Thor Harris – Tossing Pebbles on the Sleeping Beast

This is a sweet record by a Ralph White, banjo/singer-songwriter/kalimba extraordinaire/general multi-instrumentalist. He helps create/fill a unique niche for old-time influenced experimental anarcho-country of some sort. The tracks are emotive and expansive and the instrumentation is just amazing.

Also of note are these two albums, one featuring Accordion, and one featuring a friend, Little Mazarn!